The Survey Research Center (SRC) at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology was established in June 1999. The main aim of the center is to conduct general social survey in Hong Kong and the Mainland China.

Mission and Objectives

 To promote social survey research in Chinese societies

- Summer Research Practicum Program: Launched to allow postgraduate students to conduct survey-related projects under the supervision of SRC core members. Starting in 1999, in each summer we support four postgraduate students, each receiving HK$10,000 for two months of research either in Hong Kong or in the Chinese Mainland.

 To educate and train social survey researchers in the greater China region

- Training Program for Researchers in People's Republic of China (PRC): PRC researches are invited to take a semester of classes in social science methodology and quantitative analyses in HKUST.

 To build quantitative data archives for longitudinal research on Chinese societies

 To serve as an international forum and home for scholarly exchanges

- Development of Scholarly Networks: To prepare for national sampling surveys in the Chinese Mainland. For this goal, we have the following:

1. Established a formal exchange program with Zhongshan University (via its newly established the Research Institute for Guangdong Development), and an agreement was signed in May 1999. Under this agreement, we are conducting two survey projects in Guandong.

2. Established a formal exchange program with Jilin University (via its School of Philosophy and Social Science), and an agreement was signed in May 2000. Under this agreement, we help Jilin University train two of their young survey researchers, one each in fall semester of 2000-01 and fall semester of 2001-02.

3. Explored possible host institutions in Northwest (Xian Jiaotong University), Southwest (Chongqing University), North (Hsinghua University), East (Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences), and Central (Wuhan University). Key criteria we use in identifying host institutions include (1) a high status of the institution in national and regional hierarchies of prestige, (2) institutional resources and commitment to social science surveys, and (3) a highly committed scholarly leadership at the institution.

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